English Personal Training with Petrik Dalma

Things to know about personal training with Dalma

Maximum 1 or 2 people can take part in a personal training session. I personalize the structure of the training based on the client’s goal, including strength and functional exercises. The sessions can be held in Hungarian and in English as well. During the sessions, we use different machines, free weights and other equipment (for example a ball, a resistance band) and we also perform bodyweight exercises too.

What results can you expect if you attend regularly:

Having two training sessions per week can help to improve your stamina and strength and help to reach your goal whether if it is losing weight or gaining muscles. Furthermore, attending the sessions is very beneficial for mental health, it releases stress.

Who do we recommend this for?

I recommend it to people who would like to lose weight or gain muscle or just improve their general health. For beginners, I would recommend the personal training session more than the small group training sessions, because I can better focus on correcting the individual while performing the exercises.

What muscle groups are we focusing on?

We train every muscle group on the sessions. Depending on the individual and training plan the structure of the sessions can change.

What should you bring for your sessions:

Please bring training shoes, a towel, water and appropriate clothing with you.

What is the background of Personal Training?

Nowadays it is more common to use a gym and other fitness facilities. It is a good thing because there are more machines and equipment available than just doing workouts at home. Unfortunately, the majority of the people start to use the gym on their own and lack the right knowledge. This is definitely not good in the long run as it can lead to injuries. Therefore, it is great that we can ask help from personal trainers in performing exercises and setting up the training plan.

Who is the trainer?

Dalma Nagy-Petrik

Personal Trainer

My Classes: Body Rope, Small group trainings



3525 Miskolc Széchenyi István út 3-9 1.emelet


Hétfő: 6:30-22:00
Kedd: 6:30-21:00
Szerda: 6:30-22:00
Csütörtök: 6:30-21:00
Péntek: 6:30-21:00
Szombat: 8:00-15:30
Vasárnap: zárva

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